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Stand Offers a Third Hand

"Since being on a feeding tube for two years, I have found myself facing many challenges and always searching for easier ways to do things. I am bolus feeding using a PEG tube, and I use the gravity system through a 140 cc syringe. As you may know, when gravity feeding, you pour formula or blended food into a syringe and then hold the syringe in one hand while formula flows in through your tube. Eating like this can take a long time, and your arm can become very tired in this position. This was very frustrating to me as I only had one hand left to do the things I wanted to do while feeding, such as use the computer, read the newspaper, etc. It's so much easier to do these things with two hands. After I had been on the tube for one year, I was searching the Internet one day and found a syringe holder and clamp. I was thrilled by this discovery and ordered one immediately. When it arrived, I was excited and amazed at how well it worked. Now, I don't know how I lived without it! It's such a great tool to have. You can use various sizes of syringes (i.e., 60 cc, 70 cc, 140 cc, etc.), and it helps to alleviate spillage. It's like having a third hand! By the way, traveling with it is very easy. It's very portable. The base will fit on any standard table and some chairs, and it has a flexible arm. I highly recommend this product to give you a more useful and comfortable way to feed. For more information go to www.jofas.net."

—David R.

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

"I have been on a feeding tube since June 2011, after cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation left me unable to swallow. I had a nose tube, then a J-tube, and now a G-tube that has to be replaced every three months. At first, I struggled with the stomach feeding tube when I was not using it to get nourishment. The medical advice given to me was to tape it to my skin. This irritated my skin and didn't hold well. I needed to find a better way. I researched alternatives. When I couldn't find anything to help me, my determination led me to create a feeding tube holder and feeding tube clamps. Both are simple, functional, and easy to use. For over two years now, I have been wearing the holder and making improvements to it. It holds the feeding tube up and keeps it away from my waist. I use the clamp when I need to close off the tubing while I am taking nourishment. The clamp is gentle on tubing. After four surgeries and many doctors and nurses telling me they have patients who could benefit from the holder, I am making them available for purchase. I want to share with others who need a feeding tube to stay alive. The holders and clamps are available at www.easyfeedingtube.com." 

—William L.