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Gravity Tube Feedings Made Easier

At Jofas Clamp we know the complications that come along with tube feeding firsthand. During this stressful situation, we found that an extra hand is always helpful, but not always available. The Jofas medical clamp offers a great solution to this problem and gives you the help you need.

This GI tube clamp is a 24 inch flexible arm that holds a 60cc – 140cc syringe commonly used for nasal gastric and gastric gravity feeding systems. It features a clip on one end that is able to hold the syringe, and a C-clamp on the other end that attaches to any flat surface up to 2 inches thick.

After finding a suitable surface for the Jofas Clamp to attach to, simply drop your syringe into the holder and attach the tubing.  The flexibility of the arm allows you to adjust the syringe to a convenient level for filling and plunging.

This amazing system is light weight, making it perfectly portable. For just $69.00 (including shipping), you can incorporate this device into your daily routine and ultimately make feeding time stress and worry free.

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