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Shared Inspiration

Jofas Clamp loves this poem because it reminds us of our son Joseph and his strength. Being the main reason why we created this feeding tube clamp, we wish to share this poem with you to uplift and help during the complicated times of tube feeding.

Hummingbirds use their long tongue to drink nectar from flowers. Their wings are fast and strong, but at any moment they can become too weak to hover around a flower. Of course without the ability to eat frequently they will expire. Though a feeding tube can be stressful, we are reminded that we are blessed to have the option.


On Wings of Hope

With wings spun of silver
And hearts of gold,
These tiny creatures
Our hearts behold.

Angelic features
And colors so bright
Make even the heaviest
Heart seem light.

The magical way
They flit through the sky-
They appear, then vanish
In the blink of eye.

They're sending a message
For us to retrieve-
Anything's possible
For those who believe!

Pattie C. –Tucson, Arizona