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Soon after our son, Joseph was born, he was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder. We were told that he would need to be fed by a nasal gastric tube for an unspecified amount of time. After being trained to use the NG tube we began to feel overwhelmed.

Everything about feeding a baby by a tube is heartbreaking. Feeding time is supposed to be special, but with a tube feeding that moment changes. Holding the gravity syringe system up high while trying to hold Joseph made nurturing him difficult.

We began to look for hands-free solutions to make the situation easier. We wanted to pour the liquid in the syringe without spilling and most importantly, do this while holding Joseph securely.

Very simply, we needed a third arm. We imagined everyone in this difficult situation needs one too, which is why we developed a product we call the Jofas Clamp.

Today, Joseph is no longer using a feeding tube! He is a very happy boy.

Baby Joseph and Mom